Recording Lessons

Learn to Record at Home!

Have you ever wanted to record your own songs? If you just want to be able to record your guitar & vocals, or you want to push your boundaries further and learn to multi-track your own songs, then contact Mark to discuss the way forward.

There is some fantastic shareware out there, which can enable you to learn the basics and compose some suprisingly good tracks at zero cost to begin with. This will allow you to learn all the basics and recording techniques, before splashing out on tools such as Ableton Live!


Click on the links below to hear two examples from one of my students, Richard, who was able to create the first track after just one week of recording tuition. The songs are based on his preferred music style, which is Drum'n Bass. I can help you realise your own particular preferred styles of song production.

Please note that recording lessons are  only available to guitar or bass students, who have had a minimum of 3 months tuition.



Receive friendly tuition in electric, acoustic, classical and bass guitar, in pleasant surroundings close to the centre of Milton Keynes.

In addition, there is a FREE LESSON or CONSULTATION for anyone who may be interested in learning to play guitar, in which you can discuss your aims and develop a plan for your musical journey with the guitar. Mark will also give you free advice if you are thinking about buying a guitar or amplifier.



Special Gift Offers


Are you looking for a special gift with a difference?  How about giving a gift voucher for a block of 4 Adult Guitar lessons for £100 or 4 Child lessons for £75 !

Gift Vouchers are available for Birthdays and Christmas, or for any special occasion you have in mind.