Teaching Studio

Mark's Teaching Studio



Mark's  guitar studio is situated in the heart of Milton Keynes, just a three minute drive away from the City Centre.  For those coming by car, there is an off road parking space on the private driveway which you may use.


Instruments & Resources

The studio offers great facilities and resources to enhance your learning experience.There are several types of guitars which students may try out and several amps. The studio has access to a huge range of audio recordings and guitar tablature online, so whether you want to rock out, play blues or strum along to your favourite song then the resounrces will be available.


There is a comfortable sofa for parents, who are more than welcome to stay during their child's lesson.  Free wifi is available on request for those parents. There is also a waiting area complete with guitar magazines for students.



Receive friendly tuition in electric, acoustic, classical and bass guitar, in pleasant surroundings close to the centre of Milton Keynes.

In addition, there is a FREE LESSON or CONSULTATION for anyone who may be interested in learning to play guitar, in which you can discuss your aims and develop a plan for your musical journey with the guitar. Mark will also give you free advice if you are thinking about buying a guitar or amplifier.



Special Gift Offers


Are you looking for a special gift with a difference?  How about giving a gift voucher for a block of  4 Adult Guitar lessons for £100 or 4 Child lessons for £75!


Gift Vouchers are available for Birthdays and Christmas, or for any special occasion you have in mind.